In an effort to get Campbell County citizens involved in recreational activities that they enjoy doing, the Campbell County Community Public Recreation District (CCCPRD) has been actively funding local projects since its establishment in May of 2001. CCCPRD funds many activities and projects which promote healthy lifestyles for the youth and adults of Campbell County.


CCCPRD provides funding for numerous activities including after-school bowling for junior high and high school students, sewing and crafting clubs, art clubs, book clubs, various summer camps for basketball, tennis, track and football, and numerous other activities and endeavors that committed adults have developed to involve our youth. The Donkey Creek Festival, Quilt Club, and Furniture Refinishing Workshop are programs which adults may participate in as well. Check out the Activity Finder for a complete list of programs.


The Campbell County Community Public Recreation District was formed by the Campbell County School District Board of Trustees in July of 2001.  The purpose of the recreation district is to support programs to increase community participation in a variety of recreational endeavors. Funding for the program is through the recreation mill levy imposed pursuant to W.S. 18-9-201(b), which allows communities in Wyoming to form and fund Recreation Districts.


To date the CCCPRD Board has imposed a 1 mill levy annually and approved over $38 million in funding for recreational projects for the citizens of Campbell County.  The funding is provided for projects that meet the requirements of the CCCPRD. There are two opportunities to apply for funding: November 1 and April 1. For further information on the nuts and bolts of the CCCPRD, please view our By-Laws.

About 70% of this funding has been used for in-district programs and projects, with the remaining 30% used to fund community-based programs.  Any citizen or member of an organization may apply for funding for a program, project or activity that is recreational in nature and available to the public.


The CCCPRD provides funding for summer programs for residents of Campbell County who range in age from preschool through adult, as well as for various recreational clubs and programs offered before and after school during the school year for elementary and secondary schools.  CCCPRD has formed collaborative partnerships with the Campbell County Parks and Recreation Department, Campbell County Public Library, and Cam-Plex, as well as other governmental agencies, and has also provided funding for countless private community organizations in Campbell County.

In 2007 the CCCPRD Board voted to commit $18.5 million for the construction of a field house which is now part of the new recreation center that was funded and built with funding from the City of Gillette and Campbell County.


The field house includes a college-level indoor running track with the center area available for tennis, soccer and football.  The indoor facility allows the community to have recreational opportunities during inclement weather.  Approximately $1.25 million will have to be set aside each funding cycle (every six months) until June 15, 2019, when the field house will have been paid in full.



A Letter from the CCCPRD Chairman


What is the application process?

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Funding Info

The Campbell County Community Public Recreation District was formed by the Campbell County School District Board of Trustees and charged with the purpose of increasing community participation in a variety of recreational endeavors available to the public.  CCCPRD approves funding in two cycles each year.


Application deadlines for the two CCCPRD funding cycles are April 1, with funds available in July for 12 months, and November 1, with funds available in January for 18 months.  School district staff and community members are encouraged to apply for funding.


In the fall of 2006, the CCCPRD Board was approached by the city and county governments to consider help with funding a joint project for the new Campbell County Recreation Center.  The board has committed $18.5 million to this project.  Even with this commitment, the Board anticipates being able to continue to fund approximately $2 million in programs per year.


The CCCPRD currently funds over 85 recreational programs in Campbell County.  Committed community members make these programs successful. Working together, we can all help by fostering programs to increase community participation.

Download guidelines

CCCPRD funding guidelines are available in a variety of formats, please choose from those below:

CCCPRD Grant Guidelines pdf

Grant Guidelines (word)


Download an application

CCCPRD funding applications are available in a variety of formats, please choose from those below


Application FY 2020

Application FY 2020


Download Final Reports

All grants requests which receive funding must complete a final report. Final reports are available in a variety of formats, please choose from those below:

CCCPRD Final Report (Adobe PDF)

CCCPRD Final Report (Microsoft Word)

The Application Process

The Campbell County Community Public Recreation District has tried to make applying for CCCPRD monies as easy as possible. The following is a simple process description and timeline for completion of a CCCPRD grant.

Download an Application

CCCPRD Application (Adobe PDF)

CCCPRD Application (Microsoft Word)

Complete the application and return three copies to CCCPRD, ATTN: Kris Keller

Applications for funding for the two CCCPRD funding cycles are due April 1 and November 1.

If your grant receives funding . . .

Funds will be distributed through CCCPRD according to your budget.

Send in your Final Report

A complete Final Report is due for each grant receiving funding and should be completed at the end of the activity receiving funding. Final Reports are available for download below.

CCCPRD Final Report (Adobe PDF)

CCCPRD Final Report (Microsoft Word)

Activity Finder

Area 59 Maker Camps

Area 59 Maker Camps

Meeting Location:
3207 South Hwy 59 Gillette, WY 82718
To provide STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) Activities in a summer camp setting. June 8-11:  Rockets June 15-18:  Robotics July 6-9: Girls Week July 13-16: Underwater Robots July ...
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Art Club, Westwood

Art Club, Westwood

Meeting Location:
Westwood High School - Art Room
The Westwood Art Club will learn, use, and make art projects with the following mediums: glass mosaics, stained glass, ceramics, painting, canvases, sculptures, garden art, drawings, plaster, and concrete ...
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Art Clubs at Twin Spruce

Art Clubs at Twin Spruce

Meeting Location:
Twin Spruce Jr. High Rooms 101 and 103
Chelsey Castleberry (307-660-1097; ccastleberry@ccsd.k12.wy.us) will meet with students in Room 103 on Tuesday 3-4:30 pm. (Sept 8th-May 11th). Students can explore different forms of art. Mediums will include clay, glass, painting, ...
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Art Immersion

Art Immersion

Meeting Location:
Thunder Basin High School
Student Art Club on Mondays from  3 to 4:30 pm; Open Studio for adults on Monday 4:30-7 pm.  Each month a Saturday workshop will occur for grade 9 through adult ...
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Arts in Education Partnership

Arts in Education Partnership

Meeting Location:
http://Cam-Plex Heritage Center Theater
The Arts in Education Program sponsored by Cam-Plex implements and facilitates a year-round program in partnership with Campbell County School District plus community partners, organizations and individuals to provide long-term ...
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AVA's 2020 Summer Art Series

AVA’s 2020 Summer Art Series

Meeting Location:
509 W 2nd St. Gillette, WY 82716
AVA will provide 5 sessions during Summer 2020 in which Campbell County Students can experience art-making processes and techniques led by a qualified instructor while accessing tools and technology available ...
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