An enrichment after school program offered by the Y.E.S. House.  Students grades K – 6 participate in a variety of recreational activities.  Some of the activities include playing basketball, kickball, and tag in the gym, art projects such as painting, Play-Doh sculptures, and paper plate creations.  The students learn about technology with iPads, HexBugs, and our new Kibo coding robots.  The students use engineering to make structures like spacecrafts, towers, marble roller coasters, and bridges in addition to discussing the careers in those fields.  The participants also play board games such as Apples to Apples, and participate in scavenger hunts, reading aloud, trust-building activities with blind-folds and other props.  The students get to experience the NASA telescope crate as they construct their own telescope and learn why each part is important.  During the Space month, they participate in straw rockets, alka seltzer rockets, galaxy slime, and make space crafts out of recycled materials.  Students engage in our Grossology science kit where they use STEM to engage in gross activities.  These activities teach them about animals, digestion, flatulence and engage them in stimulating board games.

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