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Campbell County Recreation Intramural Programs


The Intramural Programs are designed to give all students in the community the opportunity to play, learn, and practice the sports they love! These programs give students the opportunity to be on a team – meet new friends, travel to surrounding communities, and have lots of FUN!

Participants including 7th-8th grade:

  • Jr High Boys Basketball (FREE) January – February
  • Jr High Girls Basketball (FREE) November – December
  • Jr High Girls Volleyball (FREE) August – October
  • Jr High Tennis (FREE) March – May
  • Junior High Golf Fall Season (FREE) August – October


Participants including 9th-12th grade:

  • High School Dodgeball ($100 per team) March – April
  • High School Dodgeball Tournament ($60 per team) July 25th
  • High School Basketball ($150 per team) November – February


Participants including 5 – 14 Years Old:

  • Blades & Avalanche Hockey (5-8 years old; $30 per child per session; rental gear extra fee of $55) August – March
  • Junior Intramural Golf (6-14 years old; $90 per child first session, $60 per session after) Summer Program June – August


Teen Summer Trips 11 – 16 Years Old:

  • Primetime Paintball ($29 per person) June 19th and August 10th
  • Flight Zone ($20 per person) June 5th
  • Skateboarding Day Camp ($50 per person) July 17th



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